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Mirella 2

Added 4 years ago

Mirella obviously didn't learn her lesson the first time, so she's back again for a second ass whooping. When we last shot her, she was still in high school. Now, she flunked out because she's nothing but a piece of shit loser whore with no real motivation for advancement. This is typical of 18 year old sluts. They believe their pussy is lined with gold and people will fall at their feet to serve them... not in my house, bitch. Because I don't like whores like this, I had the guys go extra rough on her. Within minutes, spew was leaking from her stupid fucking face. As the slaps rang out across her jaw, I can see her start to break down. It was at that point that she remembered what she endured last time, and here she is again... ready to suffer the same fate, yet worse. It was an emotional experience the second time around. At times, I thought she was going to quit, but not having any money nor a way back home makes whores like this stick it out. I doubt we'll see her a third time... but then again, she is a fucking moron.

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